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Tom and Pal doing well!
Posted On: 30 Aug 2007 - 17:16
Courtesy of Two top six finishes for Class 1 rookies, Tom Barry-Cotter and Pal Nilsen is a solid start, says Bill Barry-Cotter, co-owner of Spirit of Norway 20.

"I feel that Tom and Pal are doing a great job. Watching them mixing it with the 'old hands' in Arendal and Oslo was very refreshing," he said. "They have a great future in the sport and the next step for us (the team) is to give the boat some more performance, which we can certainly find. Give Tom and Pal the same boat with Lamborghini engines and I feel sure they would finish on the podium before the end of the season."

For Tom, his first season in Class 1 is as tough as he expected. "Competing in the Class 1 World Championships is harder, meaner and far less forgiving than racing in the Australian series. You are a lot more on the edge." he said. "Our main goal has been to finish races, and twice in the top six is great! I also knew our main rival would be Foresti & Suardi and that has been the case in each race and another finish ahead of them would be nice. A position better than we've already had would be awesome!"

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