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Start Procedure Amended
Posted On: 25 Oct 2007 - 17:57
Concerned authorities have come together to make minor amendments in the race start procedure for the remainder of the 2007 WPPA Class One World Powerboat Championship. Officials from the WPPA, IOTA and the drivers representatives met here on Wednesday to debate amendments and tweaks that could be implemented in making the start safer and fairer for all teams.

As WPPA Chief Event Coordinator, Rory Power said, "Basically, it is not a big change in the rules as such, just some minor tweaks to ensure that the start procedure of the race is safer and fairer,"

The demand for a change at the start of a race surfaced after a scramble during the fourth round of the championship held in Constanta, Romania last month. At least four teams - Victory, Spirit of Norway, Jotun and Qatar - had submitted proposals for a change in the start procedure along with the WPPA.

"The changes have been made and will go out along with the race instructions to the teams," Power stated. "The emphasis will now be on boats maintaining their line at the start of the race and at the first turn," said Sid Bensalah, the International Officer of the day and General Secretary of WPPA.

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