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Spirit make it 6 in a row
Posted On: 30 Nov 2007 - 12:16
Courtesy of Spirit of Norway's Bjorn Gjelsten and Steve Curtis made it six wins out of six after setting the fastest time in today's Edox Pole Position, 3m 05.06secs, on the very first run of the qualifying session.

"Going out first was the right thing to do and it is the same tactic we have applied pretty much all year, but our set up wasn't perfect and we didn't actually have a great lap - but it was obviously better than anyone else could manage." said Steve Curtis. Norwegians Jorn Tandberg and Christian Zaborowski produced their best qualifying performance of the season to take second place in 3m 06.68s, with Abdullah Al-Sulaiti and Luca Nicolini, Qatar 95, also producing their best outing, going third quickest with a time of 3m 07.70s.

For Sheikh Hassan and Matteo Nicolini in Qatar 96, fourth fastest on the day may not have been as good a result as they were looking for, knowing that they must go for the win in tomorrow's Mina Seyahi Grand Prix, but they are where they needed to be, ahead of their title rivals and championship leader's, Victory 77, who will start from sixth position tomorrow after a cautious qualifying session, with Chris Parsonage and Bard Eker between them and Qatar 96.

1. Spirit of Norway 10 - B Gjelsten (NOR)/S Curtis (GB) - 3m 05.06s
2. Jotun 90 - C Zaborowski (NOR)/J Tandberg (NOR) - 3m 06.68s
3. Qatar 95 - A Al Sulaiti (QAT)/L Nicolini (ITA) - 3m 07.70s
4. Qatar 96 - H Al Thani (QAT)/M Nicolini (ITA) - 3m 08.98s
5. Negotiator 50 - B Eker (NOR)/C Parsonage (GB) - 3m 15.29s
6. Victory 77 - A Al Zafeen(UAE)/JM Sanchez (FR) - 3m 15.95s
7. Victory 7 - T Al Sayed (UAE)/N Hendi (UAE) - 3m 19.73s
8. Spirit of Norway 20 - T Barry-Cotter (AUS)/P Nilsen (NOR) - 3m 21.07s
9. Fainplast 2 - K Selmer (NOR)/G Carpitella (ITa) - 3m 40.67s
10. SeveneleveN 18 - T Polli (ITA)/N Giorgi (ITA) - 3m 50.45s
Foresti & Suardi 8 - M Pennesi (NOR)/G Montavoci (ITA) - DNS

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