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WPPA and UIM reach agreement - at last!
Posted On: 20 Feb 2008 - 07:55
Courtesy of Today, 19th of February 2008 in Dubai, in an open and constructive atmosphere the President of UIM, Raffaele Chiulli, and President of WPPA, Saeed Hareb, are happy to announce to the world that an agreement has been signed in order to have the offshore Class 1 professionally managed by WPPA, definitively back into the UIM fold after a long year of absence.

The main terms of co-operation between the UIM and WPPA foresee that WPPA will recognize the UIM as the sole International Governing Body for Powerboating and that the UIM will recognize the professionalism of the WPPA and will give them exclusivity to organize and manage Class 1 offshore.

The President of the UIM ensured the President of the WPPA that all conflicting situations and mistakes which have determined the choice of WPPA to independently organize Class 1 racing for one year have been now overcome by this agreement. "We are now jointly projected, the UIM and WPPA, into future challenges and great opportunities. I am happy to say that the cooperation will immediately start with the first race of the 2008 season in Doha - Qatar, next week."

The President of WPPA, from several years an international reference point for offshore Class 1, expressed great satisfaction for the agreement and for the future of our sport. He believes that with the new strategy and mentality of the new UIM President we can achieve professional and ambitious objectives.

"Both of us are convinced that what has been achieved today goes into the direction of the overall interest of the sport and cut any attempt to damage our solid and long lasting cooperation."

IOTA (International Offshore Team Association) welcomes this agreement and is looking forward to have a period of growth and stability for all associated members.

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