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Spirit Of Spain Revealed
Posted On: 10 Oct 2008 - 18:29
Courtesy Of Duemme Broker's Domenico Cirilli and Sergio Carrasco unveiled their new two-boat line-up yesterday, taking to the waters off Torrevieja, Spain for a series of shakedown tests, with 'rookie' driver and Class 1 newcomer, Mohamed Abdelkader getting his first experience of his new boat.

Cirilli and Carrasco were first out onto the water to put their new boat 'Spirit of Spain' through her paces and were clearly delighted at the way she handled. "There's a great difference between the two boats," said Sergio. "This was our first opportunity to get used to the boat, she runs a little loose compared to the other one but handled really well and I felt very comfortable behind the wheel."

Domenico Cirilli then took Mohamed Abdelkader for his first outing in Roscioli Hotels Roma, which Abdelkader described as an amazing experience and said that he couldn't wait for his race debut in Egypt in two weeks time. "After two runs Mohamed relaxed and drove very well and when he has a little more experience, and together with Sergio, they will be a perfect pair." said Cirilli.

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