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Mercury Engine - Service Schedule

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Interval Task
Check prior to every use and every 3 hours of operation Engine Oil (reservoir), transmission fluid - Check Level
Battery - Check water level and inspect for damage
Seawater pickup - Check for marine growth or debris
After each use Flush the cooling system
Weekly Seawater strainer - Check for debris
Anodes - Inspect and replace if 50% eroded
Every 15 hours or 90 days of operation Check exhaust header mounting bolts for tightness
Flame arrestor - Inspect and clean as required
Engine oil and filter - Change
Fuel filter - Change
Check and adjust valve tip clearance
Every 50 hours of operation or once a year, whichever occurs first Change transmission fluid
Inspect condition and tension of all drive belts
Inspect cooling system hoses and clamps
Inspect exhaust system condition and tighten clamps
Inspect electrical system for loose or damaged wires
Every 50 hours of operation or once a year, whichever occurs first Replace high pressure fuel filter element
Inspect throttle and shift components for wear and proper adjustment
Every 50 to 70 hours of operation Inspect all valve train components for wear, particularly the valve lifters. Replace components as needed
Every 100 hours of operation or once yearly, whichever occurs first Perform 25 and 50 hour maintenance items
Seawater pickup pump - Disassemble and inspect
Engine alignment check
Every 100 to 120 hours of operation Inspect all engine and supercharger rotating and reciprocating components for wear. Replace components as needed
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