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Honda Formula 4 Stroke

The Class 1 weekend includes 2 rounds of the Honda formula 4-Stroke Championship. The championship was formed when Honda approached Steve Curtis as they were interested in testing their marine engines in a racing environment. From humble beginnings the championship has grown enormously. There are two classes (150hp and 225hp) and the 2006 season consists of 10 races:

  • June 24th and 25th - Isle Of Man
  • July 22nd and 23rd - Tyneside
  • August 5th and 6th - Plymouth
  • August 26th and 27th - Cowes
  • September 9th and 10th - Liverpool

All boats are identical, with modifications to boat and engine strictly forbidden. This keeps costs down and allows the talent of the pilots to shine. The 225hp boats can reach speeds of 75mph with the 150's achieving 55mph. The sport is open to entries so if you have a spare £40,000 for a 225hp boat or £27,000 for a 150, an entry fee of £1,000 and money to cover licenses, life jackets, crash helmets, radios etc. then you too could enter the series.

Honda formula 4 stroke

Honda formula 4 stroke

Honda formula 4 stroke

Honda formula 4 stroke

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Thundercat racing is based on a 400 meters X 200 meters 'M' Circuit that has five turn buoys including a chicane. This close action racing produces an adrenaline sport that is exciting and thrilling for both racers and spectators. The design, development and technical input has led to a new bread of quality boats with racing pedigrees that reach extreme speeds and out manoeuvre any other waterborne boat of a similar size. The boats are designed to plane quickly across the water allowing the hull to ride on a cushion of air bubbles reducing the wetted surface and lubricating the contact between vessel and water.

The racing team consists of a pilot and co pilot. The pilot controls the speed and direction whilst the co-pilot moves around the decking, leaning into turns and jumping towards the nose when the front lifts up and threatens to flip!

Thundercat Racing

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