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Roscioli Hotels at the 2004 Honda British Grand Prix with Plymouth Hoe in the background.Giorgi Offshore (formerly Team Offshore 2000) are a committed Class 1 team. Team owner Gianni Giorgi led the team to multiple successes in Class 3 winning the 1993 World and Italian Championships and setting the world speed record that year. In 1994 the team competed in the Italian Class 1 series and 2 years later made their first international Class 1 appearance in the Dubai Gold Cup.
In 2002 Gianni stepped down as throttleman to focus on the teams management and was replaced by his son Nicola and Tomaso Polli. The team was renamed Giorgi Offshore in 2003 and 2004 saw the team run a new Cougar hull in an effort to become more competitive.
2005 was a troubled year for the team after the boat was severely damaged in Norway. The repairs were extensive and saw the team miss several races. The team hope for better performance this year after changes to their aging hull and some major work on reliability but the team are still likely to be towards the back of the field.

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